The Rave Years. (Still recovering…)

I came, I raved, I conquered…

I also bought 11 waters, lost my friends an equal amount of times, smoked 2 packs of menthols, Smeared, sniffed, and got rave sprayed in my saucer sized eyes about once every half minute thanks to my full jar AND pocket sized nasal spray of VICS (you know i come prepared…)  Anyways… all I’m really trying to say is…

Ecstasy man..  It’ll get ya!

Nocturnal Wonderland. I had never met any of these shirtless gurners in my life. We didn’t have the full 20 for the Molly the kid was pushing so we gave him 14 bucks and the rest of my vitamin water.

Right before entering the venue at How Sweet it Is at the shrine in Hollywood. Our driver that night was unfortunate enough to had boughten a bag of coke laced with acid. Oh how i hate when that happens!

Who knows how many beans deep we were? In a serious rave daze… Coachella 2011 for Andy C. At least were looking better than home-skillet over on the right.

                                                                            I shall call this piece “Drugs”

ANDY C and us at a LA warehouse party    —  Hard Summer 09.  Rowdy Crowd gets rave shut down by the 5-0.

APHEX TWIN COACHELLA 2008!!         —        The Prodigy Show in Hollywood.  Def one of the top shows in EDM




A quick post on the early history of Fuss


  Ladies and Gentlemen!

This pic to the left is of my VERY first show I ever performed at in front of an audience.  The now historical event was set in a dark, dungy, crowded, and sweaty Costa Mesa garage on one of those glorious high-school weekend nights.  I gotta admit that the word ‘performance’ is definitely an understatement for this here scenario…

All that we…(my partner in crime to the right: Sean AKA 3 Kilos) did was prop up an unplugged keyboard in front of us, gave serious looks like we were veterans in the game, and played hip hop instrumentals off an Itunes playlist for the equally mysterious and infamous, god like lyricist… ‘MC CHASEY’

To our credit though, since Chasey was far to gone to recall roughly 9% his rhymes, and was instead turning the show into a colorful and vivid monologue on how bangin’ our good friends lil sister was… Me and Sean knew then what had to be done… After a deep breath, we managed to muster up our inner Ice Cube, grasp the mic by the throat like it was our destiny, and Set fire to the room.  It was immediately obvious to us and all 24 in attendance that musical history was unfolding right in front of our very eyes.  Sean and I MC’d the fuck out of our verses from our co-written hip hop Masterpiece: “I Got A Pair of Ballz (Remember the 808).  Shit went so ludicrously hard, that within minutes, media outlets released reports that Dr. Dre could be heard clappin all the way from his mansion in da hills.

Thats a true story BTW.  Just ask Dre.

So now you know the humble and mostly truthful beginnings of what would eventually become ‘FUSS’.  With this sparkling gem of knowledge you possess in your fingertips… NOW! is the time to mobilize!  It is your duty and responsibility to humanity to tell the world of the legend that trumped all other legends that came before. (except Legend of Zelda perhaps).


The time has come!  Vacate your computer chair immediately! Get up and get movin!! Run, sprint, and leap… as fast as your legs will allow… and, from this day forward, let it be known across all the kingdom.  Scream it at the top of your lungs.  Nothing is more important!  Tell your mom, inform your dad, write to the mailman, and most especially bestow this knowledge upon your banging lil sister that ‘FUSS’ and ‘3 KILOS’ entered the game not with a milk-crate of records and a pair of 1200’s…

BUT with a microphone of steel and lyrics so razor sharp, that if he was still alive, even Biggie himself would rummage through his closet, find his jansport and re-enroll in English 101.

– – – – – – – – – –

The Mother Fuckin’ Saga Continues.

That first show changed something inside of me.  It was like experiencing 100% fun imported straight from Columbia… All pure and no cut.  From that night onward,  I no longer was a mop topped slighty derainged teenager with my pants hangin’ at my knees (see photo above).  I was now a ‘music guy’.  No, I couldn’t, and still can’t play instruments properly.  Nor can i read sheet music, and to drive the point home… Even to save my own life, i couldn’t sing ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb” in key… with a gun to my head and all.  No way.  Not a chance in Hell.


I really loved music.  And though i didn’t know it at the time, but soon,  it would become my life goal to prove, that a sincere love for el Musica is all thats needed (besides some heavy duty work ethic, DUH) to contribute something, just as super duper awesome as all those who came and inspired before me.

Speaking of inspiration.  It’s necessary to mention my biggest creative influence in my life.  Musically, visually, and everything in-between…  No its not John Lennon, Ian Curtis, or Lady Gaga.

It is in fact the Angst ridden girly haired boy to my left who is so rudely giving the photogragher two reasons to fuck off. (again… see photo above)

Sean AKA 3 Kilos is by far the most talented dude I’ve ever met in my life… rivaling only me, I’d say.  The only difference is he’s insanely talented at things that are useful and can and will bring him success, happiness, and other rad shit blah blah blah.

I’ve made music with this kid for something like 7 years, and i can count on one hands the times he’s sincerely given me props on one of my tunes.  whether my tunes are actually piles of shit, or he see’s more potential in me, i have no idea.  But i refuse to cease banging my head against my computer monitor until the day comes where he declares that I’ve made my dance floor destroyer.



Lil Fuss the skate-shop rat

Lil Fuss the skate-shop rat

Before music, Skateboarding was my everything in life. Some of my fondest child-hood memories are directly attributed to the time i spent be a loudmouthed midget grom with a skateboard and a shoelace belt. it was way back then that i knew that i wanted to spend the rest of my life being a creative individual.


Band Spotlight “Joy Division”

I’ve always seen people wearing the Unknown Pleasures shirt wherever i go.  The album artwork is as iconic as the Ramones eagle or Ziggy Stardust.

Why is it then, that not until recently did i discover this album?  Why did i lag on getting it for so long?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Joy Division Retarded.  I know all the big ones (Love will tear us apart, Transmission, She’s Lost Control Etc.), but that was about my extent of knowledge of the band for most my life.  Its funny when you hear people talk about a musician everywhere you go, and for reasons unknown (laziness being a prevailing one…) you just don’t look them up…

But when you do…

Your like, “This is Sick!!”  Like your discovering it for yourself.  The general consesis that people have of the general people is that their a bunch of dumbasses… but I’m gonna start paying more attention.  Because i just discovered a album that has been staring me in the face for 24 years.. (side note. Fuck im old…)

So i got ‘Unkown Pleasures’ and BOOM.. hands down best opening to a record i’ve heard in a minute.  I haven’t had music swoop me up and kick my ass like that in a minute. It was pretty inspiring, and a eye opener to how much music is out there, and that maybe i should take a step back form DANCE MUSIC IS EVERYTHING, and find some other cool shit.  I’m not gonna waste anybodys time explaining their first or second album and the singles Joy Division had and all that other rad shit, because you’ve most likely already heard it…


If i am saying something its this..

Open your eyes, and your ears, because theirs always gonna be sick shit for you to discover.  Sounds like kindergarten logic, and it is pretty simple.  Yet I’ve been seeing that album cover since i was born and I just now got the fucking thing… & its literally in my top 10 fav. albums.

So maybe its not such childish logic…

I dunno dude.


Slow Sundays: Volume I

Oh Sunday’s… hangovers, errands, laundry, and the end of a crazy week. Let your ears rest with some with softer tunes and some music videos.

Flume is an up and coming producer from Australia, who is for sure making a name for himself with his mellow, yet original beats.

New Navy – Zimbabwe (Flume remix)

Pariah is a producer from the UK on R&S records.  He sure knows how to remix a song, and make it better. Check out his amazing remix of  one of Ellie Goulding’s song.

Ellie Goulding – Under the Sheets (Pariah remix)

New Blood: Volume I


Just for the sake of simplicity I’ll start with one of my new tunes.  Yes i know its already been remixed to death, but this bootleg was mostly made for cruising around town in da whip.  its got that 808 50hrtz Boom and a sexy chick singing bout something… er someone, and, more importantly… will rattle your sub hard.  Definitely not one for the club… keep this one for you and your ‘slighty’ more ghetto than normal guurrl as you cruise down Slauson.


First off the production on this is on point so that passes the first test that 80% of songs i come across on soundcloud fail at.  But what can i say… I’m actually surprised to find something so interesting and polished on soundcloud.  Sick hook that doesn’t give up the whole tune, packed with a mean low beat… But what really makes this a sick one is all the small production incidentals that give the song a finished feel.  This ones definitely club ready.  Congrats Noms.. I have no idea why I’m following you, but I’m glad I am


This actually isn’t dance music, but fuck it… It’s music.  Besides reminding me way to much of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Indie Band with girl singer curse, and the drums sound like maps…)  Anywayssss…. besides reminding me to much of the YYYs i definitely see some cool potential in this band and could see them doing some cool shit once they get outta their generic newcomer indie band mold.  Coachella 2014 here they come!

Kai Urig & Artful Dice-‘Prestige’ (dirtyj remix)

Holy shit what a tongue twisting mind fuck of a song title.

But ya can’t judge a book buy its cover, cuz this track is simple, cool, and repetitive… and awesome!  Little too ‘MainRoom’ for my own cd book, but when your in a tent with thousands upon thousands of other pilled out gurners waving their hands in the air like grover, then this is the tunage you want in your arsenal.  Tight mix and a sleek production gives this bad boy some real potential.  Send this one to ToolRoom homie!

Well thats all the time i can spend on soundcloud today without having to stick the barrel of a rifle up my nostril.  Until next time guys.

And send me tunes!!

Good ones!!

POST 2.0. Activation

Hi world.  

Thats me pictured on top.  

I make music and play out just like you probaly do.–>  

If you find this page its probaly because i like your music, and thought i could give it a voice.  This site is nothing more than an experiment to create a platform that is truly representative of the scene (US) and to give the masses, (THEM) a proper dose of what dance music is really capable of, and why we spend hours on end just to create what some call jarring repetitive trash. 

Be it jarring, or repetitive, which isnt a hard argument to put up…

Its fucking sick music, and if you can’t see the fun in it, then you my freind are…


and fuckin repetitive

…and trash haha

So Please If you have anything worth tunes worth sharing or even want to help out, please get in contact with me and keep sending and making tunes.  

I’m Blog retarded at the moment so my soundcloud would be a good place to send me tracks (but send it in a message with a title, cuz you and me both never listen to the shit that people mass share to my account.




…ps i dont always plan on writing in all bold.. just this intro post…